Department Contacts

Department Chair                                                                 Mailing Address:
Gordon Moskowitz, 219 Chandler-Ullmann Hall                     Department of Psychology
610-758-3624                                                                       17 Memorial Drive East                                                                  Bethlehem, PA   18015

Director of Undergraduate Studies and                                 Phone:   610-758-3630
Honors Program Coordinator                                                Fax:       610-758-6277     
Amanda Brandone, 335 Chandler-Ullmann Hall                                                                   
610-758-5638                                                                       Campus Address:  Chandler-Ullmann #17                                                                         

Director of Graduate Studies                                     
Almut Hupbach, 341 Chandler-Ullmann Hall                                                  
Psychology Club and Psi Chi adviser                    

Kate Arrington, 343 Chandler-Ullmann Hall                                           

Department Coordinator
Teri Loew, 217 Chandler-Ullmann Hall

Administrative Clerk
Christina Stauffer, 217 Chandler-Ullmann Hall

To find contact information for other faculty, please visit the Faculty/Staff page.