Department Contacts

The Psychology Department faculty and staff are in the following temporary quarters during the renovation of Chandler-Ullmann Hall.

Department Chair                                                                   Mailing Address:                         Campus Address:  #36 Johnson Hall
Gordon Moskowitz, Johnson Hall, room 218                            Department of Psychology
610-758-3624                                                                        36 University Drive                                                                   Bethlehem, PA   18015

Director of Undergraduate Studies and                                 Phone:   610-758-3630
Honors Program Coordinator                                                Fax:       610-758-6277     
Amanda Brandone, Price Hall, room 104                                                                   

Director of Graduate Studies                                     
Almut Hupbach, Price Hall, room 212                                                  
Psychology Club and Psi Chi adviser                    

Kate Arrington, 516 Brodhead, room 201                                           

Department Coordinator
Teri Loew, Johnson Hall, room 221

Administrative Clerk
Christina Stauffer, Johnson Hall, room 221

To find contact information for other faculty, please visit the Faculty/Staff page.