Undergraduate Research Funding

College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Grants

These grants are designed to increase, enhance, and support undergraduate research in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Students in the arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences are encouraged to apply.  Grant applications will require a faculty adviser's support and endorsement, so an early step should be a discussion with a faculty member you might work with.

Cost-sharing where possible is desired, especially in fields that have traditionally funded undergraduate research.  A primary goal of these grants is to grow undergraduate research opportunities, and this program should not be seen as replacing current programmatic undergraduate research support. 

Read more about the program and see the online application at CAS Undergraduate Research Grants.

Strohl Undergraduate Research Grants and Strohl Senior Thesis Grants

 The Dale S. Strohl ’58 Awards support research in the Humanities and Social Sciences for students working with any Lehigh faculty member. These grants are intended to expand the experiences, perspectives, and skills of our students through involvement in research. Travel, research supplies and other valid expenses may be reimbursed up to the limit of an individual grant. Undergraduate Research Grants may fund up to $3,000 and, if possible, should be combined with funding from other sources (i.e., from faculty advisers, department chairs, center directors…). Senior Thesis Grants may fund up to $5,000. Research should be completed within one year of receipt of the award. The grant recipient will then submit a brief report on the results of the project to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs.

Read more about the program and see the online applications at DALE S. STROHL '58 AWARDS for Research Excellence in Humanities and Social Sciences

Lehigh University Forum Student Research Grants

These grants are available to all Lehigh University students.  They are awarded based on the student-demonstrated significance of the project and its relationship to his/her education goals. Preference is given to undergraduates, but graduate students with meritorious projects outside their thesis work are also considered. The Grants normally do not exceed $500 and usually are smaller, e.g., $100-200. Proposals may be submitted at any time, but awards are made shortly after the beginning of the fall semester, according to the availability of funds.

For more information, contact:
Professor Jonas Baltrusaitis
Telephone: 610 758-6836
Email: job314@lehigh.edu