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     Lehigh University Psychology - Chandler Ullmann

Undergraduate Program

Declared Psychology majors:  Time to pre-register for classes for Fall 2015!  Deadline is April 2nd!  Come to CU 217 to sign up.
Fall 2015 Psychology courses being offered can be found here.
Click here for the 300-level seminar course descriptions being offered in Fall 2015.
The undergraduate Psychology program at Lehigh offers students the opportunity to study the principal areas of scientific psychology. The program is designed to give students an introduction to contemporary theories that address fundamental questions about how humans think, feel, and act across the lifespan, individually and in groups, as well as how and why people differ from one another.

Psychology is a diverse field. The psychology program at Lehigh allow for both breadth and specialization. Students may choose to complete the degree requirements for either the B.A. or the B.S. in psychology (see BA vs. BS page)

Students interested in declaring a major in Psychology should see Christina Stauffer, Administrative Clerk in the Psychology Department, (Chandler-Ullmann, Room 217). New majors are paired with a faculty adviser who will oversee their major program for the balance of their undergraduate career. Students are encouraged to declare their major as early as possible in  their academic career so they can plan a program of study that best meets their individual needs.  Questions can be directed to Prof. Arrington, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Transfer of credits are approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Arrington (cma205).   Please bring the Transfer of Credit form, along with the course description, to the Psychology Department office in Chandler-Ullmann Hall, room 217.