Michael Gill


I have broad interests in morality, including both moral judgment (When will people respond in a non-blaming, compassionate manner to the potentially blameworthy acts of individuals and groups?) and moral action (When will people act on their moral values?). 

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          Morality and Blame Lab: http://blamelab-gill.blogspot.com

Selected Publications

Gill, M. J. & Andreychik, M. R. (2014). The Social Explanatory Style Questionnaire: Assessing moderators
      of basic social-cognitive phenomena including spontaneous trait inference, the Fundamental Attribution
      Error, and moral blame. PLOS ONE, 9(7), e100886.

Andreychik, M. R. & Gill, M. J. (in press). Do natural kind beliefs about social groups contribute to prejudice?:
      Distinguishing bio-somatic from bio-behavioral essentialism, and both of these from entitatvity.
      Group Processes and Intergroup Relations. 

Gill, M. J., Andreychik, M. R., & Getty, P. D. (2013). More than a lack of control: External explanations 
      can evoke compassion for outgroups by increasing perceptions of suffering (independent of
      perceived control). Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 
39(1), 73-87.

Gill, M. J., Packer, D. J., & Van Bavel, J. (2013). More to morality than mutualism: Consistent
      contributors exist and they can inspire costly generosity in others. [Commentary on Baumard
      et al., A Mutualistic Approach to Morality]. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 36(1), 90.

Moskowitz, G.B. & Gill, M.J. (2013). Interpersonal perception: From snap judgments to the regulation
      of enduring relationships. In D. Reisberg (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Psychology. Oxford:
      Oxford University Press. 

Andreychik, M. R. & Gill, M. J. (2012). Do negative implicit associations indicate negative attitudes?:
      Social explanations moderate whether ostensible "negative" associations are prejudice-based or
      empathy-based. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48, 1082-1093.
Andreychik, M. R . & Gill, M.J.  (2009). Ingroup identity moderates the impact of social explanations on
      intergroup attitudes: External explanations are not inherently prosocial. Personality and Social 
      Psychology Bulletin
, 35, 1632-1645.

Gill, M. J. & Andreychik, M. A. (2009). Getting emotional about explanations: Social explanations and
      social explanatory styles as bases of prosocial emotions and intergroup attitudes. Social and Personality 
      Psychology Compass
, 3(6), 1038-1054.

Gill, M. J. & Andreychik, M. R. (2007). Explanation and intergroup emotion: Social explanations as a
      foundation of prejudice-related compunction. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations [Special
      Issue on Intergroup Emotion], 10, 87-106.

Gill, M.J. (2004). When information does not deter stereotyping: Prescriptive stereotyping can bias
      judgments under conditions that  discourage descriptive stereotyping. Journal of Experimental
      Social Psychology
, 40(5), 619-632.

Gill, M. J. (2003). Biased against "them" more than "him": Stereotype use in group-directed  and
      individual-directed judgment. Social Cognition, 21(3), 321-348.


Lehigh University Psychology - Michael Gill
Associate Professor
340 Chandler-Ullmann Hall
UT-Austin, Ph.D. Psychology, 1998
UNC-Charlotte, B.A./B.S. Psychology/Accounting, 1993

Teaching Interests: 

Social Psychology
Psychology of Morality
Prosocial Cognition, Emotion, and Behavior
Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination