Cognitive Science Graduate Certificate

Program Description

This certificate program is intended to provide familiarity with the interdisciplinary study of how humans think and how machines think. Coursework addresses topics such as: How can our understanding of the way that humans think improve the performance of machines that are meant to behave intelligently? How can our understanding of the ways to make machines behave intelligently improve our understanding of the way that humans think?

The program is aimed at people working in technology-related businesses and other qualified individuals who are interested in exploring the relation between human and machine intelligence.


Applications should be directed to the CAS Graduate Programs office. Applicants should use the NON-DEGREE GRADUATE STUDENT option. Applications can be found here.

Applicants must meet minimal requirements for admission to CAS graduate programs. Foreign nationals must meet standard language requirements. Applications will be forwarded by the CAS Graduate Programs office to the Director of the Cognitive Science Program for admission decisions. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the certificate, chairs or graduate coordinators of other relevant departments will also be consulted in making admission decisions.

Department permission will also be required for admission to each individual course.

Program Requirements

The certificate requires a total of four courses.
Required course: CogS 423 Foundations of Cognitive Science
Electives: three additional courses from the following list, totaling at least 12 credits.

At least two of the four courses must be at the 400 level and the three selected courses must be spread over at least two departments. The Cognitive Science Program will periodically update the list of approved courses.

Cognitive Science
CogS 478 (Psyc 478): Ontological Psychology.

Computer Science
CSe 327: Artificial Intelligence Theory and Applications.
Cse 332: Multimedia Design and Development
CSe 357: Data Mining
CSe 368: Artificial Intelligence Programming
CSe 3xx: User Interface Systems and Techniques
CSe 414: Expert Systems
CSe 416: Advanced Issues in Knowledge-based Systems (prerequisite: CSe 414).
CSe 417: Topics in Information Retrieval
CSe 429: Virtual Environments

Psyc 307: Seminar in Cognition
Psyc 313: Person Perception
Psyc 314: Social Cognition and Social Action
Psyc 317: Psychology of Emotion
Psyc 320: Psychology of Language
Psyc 321: Language Development
Psyc 351: Cognitive Development in Childhood
Psyc 369: Memory
Psyc 373: Sensation and Perception
Psyc 3xx: Atypical Language
Psyc 402: Developmental Psychology.
Psyc 403: Cognitive Psychology.
Psyc 406: Social Cognition
Psyc 443: Seminar in Language Acquisition. (Prereq: Psyc 402 or 403)
Psyc 448: Seminar in Psychology of Language (prerequisite: Psyc 403)
Psyc 476: Seminar in Cognition (prerequisite: Psyc 403).
Psyc 478 (CogS 478): Ontological Psychology.
Psyc 480: Seminar in Cognitive Development. (Prereq: Psyc 402)
Psyc 464: Naïve Realism in Social Judgment (Prereq: Psyc 406)

Sociology and Anthropology
SSP 402: Sociology of Cyberspace
Anth 376: Culture and the Individual.